Commonwealth Monument Project
Frances Harper
Level: $5,000 and above
Thomas Chester
Level: $250 - $1000
Jacob Compton
Level: $100 - $249
William Howard Day
Level: $1001 - $4,999

Help Sponsor the Commonwealth Monument Project, which is designed to commemorate the 150 and 100-year anniversaries of the fifteenth and nineteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, respectively, will include educational workshops, performances by living history characters, and scholarly book talks. A special focal point will be commemorating the history and passing of the Old Eighth Ward, once the most ethnically diverse section of the city and the heart of the African-American community. It was demolished by state order in 1911 to begin construction of the Pennsylvania Capital Complex. This 15th Amendment Monument will celebrate the individual stories of the inhabitants of the Old Eighth, as exemplified by Frances Harper, Jacob Compton, T. Morris Chester, and William Howard Day. Educational and lifelong learning experiences support the installation which devote time to community conversations about the nature of the common good and the forces that define it, and culminate in the dedication of a new inscription and monument to Harrisburg’s African-American citizens on state capitol grounds.

Artist, Becky Ault